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Terms and conditions Audi TDI Chronicle

Audi TDI Chronicle may be used on the basis of the following Conditions of Use:

1. All information and materials offered via Audi TDI Chronicle, for example, text, image, audio and video documents, are intended exclusively for use by journalists and employees of media companies as a source for their own media reporting and are not intended for commercial use, and in particular not for advertising purposes. It is not permitted to pass on image, audio and video data to unauthorised third parties.

2. Insofar as Audi TDI Chronicle provide information concerning vehicles, the data refers to the German market. The right to make changes to design and/or price is expressly reserved. Statements concerning prices and standard equipment and statutory, legal and tax regulations and repercussions are valid for the Federal Republic of Germany only. The images may furthermore show accessories and optional extras that are not included in the standard scope of supply. Colour deviations are also possible.

3. Audi TDI Chronicle contain, inter alia, information concerning future developments and/or expectations of the company, for which AUDI AG does not accept any liability.

4. AUDI AG uses so-called cookies during your visit to the Audi TDI Chronicle pages. The user may define the use and scope of cookies via his computer settings (usually in the Internet browser, e.g. Internet Explorer). AUDI AG assumes that the user agrees to the use of cookies if he has set up his browser accordingly.

5. All contents of Audi TDI Chronicle are carefully researched and compiled. Nevertheless, the information may contain errors or inaccuracies. AUDI AG does not accept any liability with respect to the results that may be achieved through the use of the information, with respect to accuracy, up-to-dateness and completeness in particular.

6. With respect to the use of Audi TDI Chronicle, technical faults, for example delays to news transmission, cannot be ruled out. AUDI AG does not accept any liability for any resulting damage.

7. Insofar as Audi TDI Chronicle provide links to the Internet sites of third parties, AUDI AG does not accept any responsibility for the contents of the linked sites. On using the links, the user leaves the AUDI AG information products. As a consequence, different regulations may apply to the contents of third-party sites.

8. With respect to the use of Audi TDI Chronicle, copyrights, naming rights and trademarks and other protective rights in particular of AUDI AG, of Audi Group companies and of other third parties must be safeguarded. The image, audio and video material provided in Audi TDI Chronicle for journalists and employees of media companies may only be used citing the source disclosed.

9. The granting of the opportunity to use Audi TDI Chronicle does not constitute the granting of any rights, and of protective rights in particular, over and above this. AUDI AG may restrict or terminate the use of Audi TDI Chronicle at any time and without any specific reason. The user does not have any claim to Audi TDI Chronicle.

10. The user consents that his personal data (including telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses) may be recorded, processed and used for information purposes by Audi Communication. This personal data shall not be passed on to third parties. This consent may be withdrawn at any time by contacting AUDI AG, 85045 Ingolstadt. The withdrawal of consent shall terminate the right of use.

11. In agreeing to these rights of use, the user shall be obliged to refrain from any improper use of Audi TDI Chronicle, particularly the by-passing of security precautions of the information service,
to refrain from using equipment or from running applications that lead or could lead to damage to the equipment or to a functional failure of Audi TDI Chronicle, in particular as a result of changes to the physical or logical structure of the server or the network of AUDI AG or its service providers or other networks, not to integrate the information service or a part thereof into other Internet sites, either private or commercial, or to use the services commercially.

Should individual provisions of the Conditions of Use be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement. In this event, the parties are obliged to replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that has the closest possible financial purpose to that of the invalid provision.